Ukraine in Customs Union will play role of Great Britain in EU – Russian expert

Ukraine, in the case of joining the Customs Union, will take a position similar to Great Britain’s position in the European Union. This means that it will have a special opinion on all the issues, fiercely bargain and wring concessions from partners, blocking all work of the organization.

Land rental rates in Ukraine can grow threefold since January 1, 2014

The Finance Ministry prepared amendments to the Tax Code which propose revising land rental rates since January 1, 2014, having raised them threefold.
According to this same rate, a tax for the use of forest lands will be levied, which now is only paid for special use of the forest resources. In addition, it was proposed to raise rates for all other categories of lands from 1% tо 3% of the normative appraisal of non-farm lands.

Ukraine continues to develop greenhouse vegetable production

According to Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the country continues to move towards the goal: total internal provision of the population with greenhouse vegetables. Last year, more than 30 hectares of modern greenhouses were put into operation, and this year it is planned to build another 52 acres.

Several Ukrainian companies are planning IPOs on WSE in 2013

According to the official statement made by Public Relations Manager, Andrzej Matsionzhek for Warsaw Stock Exchange there are several Ukrainian companies that are already prepared for Initial Public Offering on WSE, however they are still awaiting improvement of the market situation. He also stated that majority of those companies do originate from agrarian sector.

Ukraine wheat harvest forecast to recover in 2013

Ukraine’s wheat harvest is likely to recover this year to 19 million tonnes after dropping by a third in 2012 due to drought, according to Agriculture Minister Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, in a recent press-conference.
Prysyazhnyuk told reporters that farms had sown 6.7 million hectares of winter wheat for the 2013 harvest and that about 92% of sprouted crops were in good or satisfactory condition.

Ukraine Increases Agricultural Export

In 2012, Ukrainian agricultural export increased by nearly 40 per cent, reaching USD 17 billion, according to the Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Mykola Prysyazhnyuk.
Additionally, he noted that Ukrainian agricultural industry produces twice as much as is consumed by the domestic market. Comparably, the UK produces only 60 per cent of the food consumed in the country.

Ukraine will not hurry to join Customs Union this year – experts

The Ukrainian leadership will be slow to make a decision on joining the Customs Union in 2013.
This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian experts at a press conference in Kyiv on Ukrainian-Russian relations in 2013.

Expert: Ukraine to become global economy leader in exports in the next 3-5 years

Ukraine’s export potential will bring it to the leaders of the global economy. However, today the state acts as the object of investing in agriculture and as a competitor in the markets for agricultural products, Andriy Hordiychuk, Chairman of the Board of Svarog West Group said, commenting on the prospects of the agricultural sector, UKRINFORM reported citing Investgazeta.

Almost 1.1 million state land acts issued last year – Land Agency

Last year the Ukrainians received about 1.1 million state certificates of land holdings, the State Land Agency reported.

The public cadastral map is available to everyone

State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine informs that the public cadastral map is available to everyone. Information about land plots in Ukraine in online mode, you can look at the official website of the agency.