Several Ukrainian companies are planning IPOs on WSE in 2013

According to the official statement made by Public Relations Manager, Andrzej Matsionzhek for Warsaw Stock Exchange there are several Ukrainian companies that are already prepared for Initial Public Offering on WSE, however they are still awaiting improvement of the market situation. He also stated that majority of those companies do originate from agrarian sector.

One of the major negative factors that prevent Polish investors from investing in Ukrainian companies is potential devaluation of Ukrainian Hryvnya. Andrzej Matsionzhek also stated that all of the companies are planning to use main platform of the stock exchange (rather than secondary like New Connect).

AgroInvest comment: Various organizations, funds and agencies forecast UAH to be at the level of 1:9.18 – 1:9.25 on the average to USD. Policies of Ukrainian government are officially aimed at supporting UAH exchange rate at stable level, however there are very few facts that gives us the clue regarding the actual situation.

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