Land rental rates in Ukraine can grow threefold since January 1, 2014

The Finance Ministry prepared amendments to the Tax Code which propose revising land rental rates since January 1, 2014, having raised them threefold.
According to this same rate, a tax for the use of forest lands will be levied, which now is only paid for special use of the forest resources. In addition, it was proposed to raise rates for all other categories of lands from 1% tо 3% of the normative appraisal of non-farm lands.

As it is noted, the rental rate for the use of all lands cannot be less than the tax rate.

Now, in compliance with the Tax Code, this norm is spread only to farm lands and rent of other lands cannot be less than a threefold land tax rate. All those amendments are sent to an increase of local budget incomes.

According to the Finance Ministry, in 2012, UAH 11.7 billion of the land tax came in 2012.

Simultaneously, the Finance Ministry proposes only to deprive of privileges on the land tax payment, which should have acted until 2015-2016, such subjects as space, shipbuilding and aircraft construction industry, as well as cinematography subjects.

To remind, now a tax rate for tillage, hayfields and pastures makes up 0.1% of the normative assessed money value for one ha, in other words, over UAH 20 with an average on Ukraine normative value of UAH 20,600 as of January 1, 2012. However, in a year, the payment may be UAH 68 at the minimum.

In addition, a rate of 0.09% instead of 0.03% will be applied to farm lands with perennial plantations.


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