Ukraine’s partial accession to Customs Union unrealistic – expert

Ukraine should become a full member of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan), or not enter it at all. The scenario of partial joining is unrealistic.
This opinion was expressed in the comments to UKRINFORM by the director of the Ukrainian branch of the Institute of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Vladimir Kornilov.

“We should realize that to join the Customs Union partly is unrealistic. Ukraine is to decide: either it enters the Customs Union fully, or does not enter it at all,” he said.

According to the expert, partial accession to the Customs Union means signing an agreement on cooperation in a particular area, but this is not integration.

“Every country in the world is in talks with the Customs Union on this form of cooperation. This is not a form of integration,” Kornilov said. “The Customs Union, represented by the top leaders Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, has already stated that this form of cooperation does not satisfy Russia, minimum,” he added.

At the same time, the expert noted that the policy of integration with the Customs Union does not deny ‘formal’ integration with the European Union.

As reported, on December 18, President Viktor Yanukovych of Ukraine will be visiting Moscow. It is assumed that the presidents will discuss, in particular, Ukraine’s accession to certain provisions of the Customs Union.


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