Ukrainian and German experts shared their experience in implementing rational system of crop rotation

Substantiation of necessity of introduction of a rational system of crop rotation, its impact on the quality of agricultural products, the regulation mechanism of rotation at the state and local level and enforcement actions taken to farmers who do not provide the management and conservation of soil and other pressing issues of land management and land protection have been discussed by Ukrainian specialists and experts of the Federal Republic of Germany during the seminar and workshops.

Expert mission was held within involving EC external assistance through the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX).

The defining features of the TAIEX instrument is an increased focus on solving specific problems of development and integration, which requires administrations of beneficiary countries proactive approach to define their needs, preparation and submission of applications, and mobility (from filing on-line to aid runs from two to three months), which, in the opinion of Ukrainian specialists, allows to use it for address urgent pressing issues.

In turn, the head of the German delegation, Mr. Frank Bilefild – agricultural engineer, consultant and lecturer of Agricultural Economics in Agricultural Chamber in Saarland – noted the high level of training seminar. Experts of the State agency of land resources of Ukraine actively participated in the discussion of certain topics and receive answers to their questions. In addition, experts were able to not only enrich the advanced European experience, but also to share their accomplishments and achievements in this field.

Press Service of the State agency of land resources


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