Ukraine grows more vegetables than it can consume

Much more fruits and vegetables are grown in Ukrainian regions than the public of these regions can consume. Therefore, much of the harvest should be sold outside these regions, and it is necessary to build a network of modern vegetable stores.Director of the Association of Wholesale Markets for Agricultural Products Anatoliy Rozgon said this during the presentation of the Green Markets national project at Ukrinform on Thursday, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.

“Ukraine grows much more fruits and vegetables than it can consume. Much of them should be sold outside the regions. Wholesale markets should play their role here – to collect, store and pack fruits and vegetables, as well as to provide retailers and food outlets with them. And the most important thing is to promote the establishment of optimal and economically justified prices, which will reduce inflation at the regional and national levels,” the expert said.

While analyzing the current situation, he said that only 10% of vegetable storage facilities meet the proper requirements. “In the absence of an established sales system and a network of wholesale regional food markets, as well as the required number of vegetable storage facilities, annual crop losses exceed five million tonnes, or UAH 8 billion,” the head of the association said.

As reported, the Green Markets project was approved by a decree of the Ukrainian president in the national action plan for 2013. The first stage of a preliminary feasibility study, which Niras Ukraine is developing with the financial assistance of the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID, has already been completed.


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