The Government proposes to create more favorable conditions for agricultural cooperatives

The Government proposes a number of changes to the legislation in order to create more favorable conditions for agricultural service cooperatives. The relevant draft law of Ukraine «On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine» On Agricultural Cooperation” was approved on Sept. 17 by the Cabinet of Ministers. As for today in accordance with applicable law, some serving agricultural cooperatives registered and operate as non-profit organizations, and some — like lucrative although the nature of these associations are non-profit nature.

The activity of agricultural cooperatives is not to obtain maximum profit, but to organize the most efficient services to their members. The bill is designed to determine institutional and economic basis for the formation and operation of agricultural cooperatives in Ukraine taking into account the world practice. In particular, the bill proposes to present the new version of Article 52 of the Commercial Code and Article 86 of the Civil Code, which include agricultural service cooperatives to subjects which carry out non-profit management, and, respectively, to non-profit organization.

The adoption of this law is intended to substantially improve the tax laws, financial, credit and economic conditions for cooperatives and their members and make a positive impact on the price fluctuations at the food market, and create conditions for the functioning of the network transparent procurement and marketing of agricultural products.

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