Negative factors of the world grain market stimulate interest in Ukrainian grains

The World Bank is concerned that the drought in Ukraine, and the United States, Russia and Kazakhstan, and continuous rains in many European countries will lead to an increase of prices for food products. The organization notes that due to bad weather conditions and the lack of rains in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, the future harvest volumes of grains decreased. In 2012, since mid-June wheat prices increased by over 50%, and the prices for maize – up over 45%, said the Bank.

Experts of the World Bank point out that the sharp fluctuations of prices for food products lead to unpredictability on the market and the serious risks associated with food security, and slow down investment activity needed for development of the agriculture.

All these factors cause growing attention of the countries-importers of grains to the market of Ukraine and stimulate their desire to become closely acquainted with the country’s agricultural sector. The active promotion of the organizers of the III Ukrainian Grain Congress assist to development of such situation. The Congress is to be held on October 16-17, 2012, and brings together the leading representatives of agricultural and grain trading companies in Ukraine, and the agricultural market experts from around the world.

As of today, the companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, the USA, Tunisia, Israel, China and the EU along with Ukrainian companies filed in their application forms for participation in the conference.

by apk-inform

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