Land bank will primarily credit farmers

Agricultural workers will soon get credits at 10-15% lower rates against those existing now. This will be possible when the land bank starts working in Ukraine. Primarily, possibility of receiving credits will be profitable for farming enterprises, small and medium-size enterprises.
The Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry press service told UKRINFORM about this.

“Thanks to legislative and organizational work, the land bank should start fulfillment of its tasks in the nearest future. The financial establishment will promote reduction of the pressure on the state budget, from which a part of the credit rate is compensated now. The state program for cheapening of the credit rate has been working over 10 years in Ukraine, however it does not solve the issue,” the Agrarian Ministry statement reads.

Expert of land relations and President of the Association Land Union of Ukraine Andriy Koshil believes that work of the financial institution will become more effective, if to fix on crediting some agricultural sectors.

“Agrarian crediting is necessary and if the state is engaged in this, the situation existing today may change for the better. However, in order to make it really effective, it is necessary to choose the country’s agricultural priority sectors, for instance, dairy cattle breeding. As well as those credits should be extended to farmers, who start working and need financial aid,” the specialist noted.

A decision on the land bank creation was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada last year. Ukrainian specialists, primarily, studied foreign experience and held a number of meetings with representatives of leading world financial institutions.



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