Holticulture Week: ‘One of the most advanced glasshouses in Europe’ opens in Ukraine

The first phase of a 40-hectare glasshouse complex to boost the eastern European state’s self-sefficiency in tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers, has opened.

The complex, reportedly costing over €30 million, was opened on Sept 25 by Ukraine’s prime minister Nikolai Azarov, accompanied by owner Dmitry Firtash, one of the country’s most powerful industrialists. Named DF Agro, it is sited in Firtash’s home village of Synkiv, near the western Ukrainian city of Ternopil.
The project has drawn on technical expertise from the Netherlands, Israel and Turkey. Firtash said: “We have built one of the most advanced greenhouse enterprises in Europe. It’s very gratifying that best experts from different countries of the world came to this Ukrainian village to do a perfect job.”



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