EBRD decides to lend $60 million to Germany’s Toepfer for operations in Ukraine

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has decided to provide a working capital revolving facility of up to $50 million, and a long-term facility of up to $10 million, to Germany’s Toepfer Group for operations in Ukraine, according to the EBRD’s representative office in Ukraine.

That decision was taken by the EBRD Board of Directors on July 24, 2012.

As reported, the long-term facility will be used by Toepfer Group’s companies for investment in grain storage facilities and storage infrastructure in Ukraine, while the recipient of the facility will be Alfred C. Toepfer International (Ukraine) LLC, a subsidiary of Alfred C. Toepfer International Netherlands, which is part of Toepfer Group and the group’s major trading company in Ukraine.

The net revenue of Alfred C. Toepfer International (Ukraine) in 2010 fell by 20.2%, to UAH 1.973 billion, while its net loss stood at UAH 117.6 million, compared to net profit of UAH 185.6 million seen in 2009. The company has not yet presented data for 2011.

by Interfax-Ukraine


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