Avangard planning to build 30 biogas plants in Ukraine by 2015

Avangard Agro Holding is planning to build 30 biogas plants in 18 Ukrainian regions by 2015, which will annually produce 715 Ml cubic meters of biogas, Avangard spokesman Volodymyr Dmytrenko told the conference “Biogas is a Chance for Energy Independence of Ukraine on the way to European Integration” as quoted by the company’s press service. According to him, the facilities will be constructed if a green tariff is adopted for biogas electric power.

Dmytrenko noted that corn silage potential would amount to 2,600 KMT grown on 150 Th ha. In addition, 2,800 KMT of water, 178 KMT of dry organic fertilizers and 825 KMT of liquid fertilizers will be used annually. “All this will allow us to potentially produce 715 Ml cubic meters of biogas a year or 1394 MWt of electric power and 1498 MWt of heat energy,” he pointed out. The total area needed to build the plants will be 930 ha with their proven electric output at 197 MWt.



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